Y.A.B.B.A. Hub software


Y.A.B.B.A. Hub software offers:

So far, the MultiHub-searching is not (and most likely will not be) implemented.


Download the current version from http://www.disconova.com/utu/yabba/yabba.zip (370k, v0.9.72)

Please note

This is not a final release before we reach v1.0.0 (we're not there yet) and some of the features available in the GUI are not implemented. However, if you can change a value, it most likely will affect the hub in some way - or maybe not :-)

Most likely there is an enormous amount of bugs (in the UI... I quess the hub core is finally working quite nicely) so just ignore them and try to enjoy. You could also check out some "not so usefull" information about the author. Just for the laughs of him being a pathetic nerd he is.

Greetings / Respect

Writing this software would've been impossible or greatly more difficult without the following people (in no particular order):