Traktor Metadata Listener / Tweeter

In the Web2.0-era there are some DJs who wish to be able to "publish" their playlists live. I got somewhat inspired by Richie Hawthin's Twitter DJ - as well as Alexander Zigelski's Traktor Scrobbler. Both of which are fine programs and no mistake...

It just escapes me that both of those programs require Icecast to do their magic... Because of this, I decided to write a tool of my own. It took me a couple of hours to fix the thing together since I haven't actually coded anything in Delphi for quite a long while and I had to learn actually the basics of IceCast-protocol as well as some details of OGG-format's tagging to make this thing work.

The current implementation might still contain some bugs, so use it at your own risk. I've taken every possible precaution, but I refuse to take responsibility if this application makes your computer become sentient and start a war on humanity.

How-to start

Download the package (the package contains compiled versions of the application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms) unzip it and start the executable. By default the application binds itself (listens) to port 8080, but you can change this by starting the application from the command prompt with argument like metadata --port=9000 (in case you want to run it on port 9000 instead - of course, you can use any port in the range of 1-65536 that happens to be available on your machine). Note that on Traktor you don't need to set up anything other than the address and port for this to work... after all, it's not like this is IceCast or something. :-)

Since we are only interested in the metadata of the stream, you can set the "Server Settings / Format" as low as possible. Currently Traktor's lowest setting is "Ogg Vorbis, 11025 Hz, 32 kBit/s".

How to make it actually "tweet"?

Now this is the easy part (as if the setup so far has been mindbendingly hard)... In Traktor, you write your Twitter username and password into the "Server Settings / Password"-field separated with a colon ":" ... so, if your username is "username" and your password is something similarly wild like "password", you should write "username:password" into the field (without the quotation marks, obviously). And that's it... you're tweeting away as soon as you "connect" to the metadata listener.

I don't like the default tweet-message

Well, you can change it. This can be done - once again - on Traktor's Preferences. You can write your customised message to the "Metadata Settings / Stream Description"-field. For example, if you want the message to be "is playing xxx - yyy loud and clear", you write "is playing %TRACK loud and clear" into the field. Simple, yes? You just need to remember that Twitter only allows a maximum of 160 bytes - other than that, the world's your oyster.

What about the future? New features, perhaps?

Currently the application does pretty much everything I originally wanted it to do. Of course, in case I do bring up new versions of the application, the users are the first to know (since the application checks online for new versions when started). So - who knows? Maybe I will extend the features further... Of course, with all the busyness, I wouldn't be holding my breath - it might take a while.

Bug reports, questions, ideas:

In case you do find bugs, have questions or ideas you would like to share, just throw me a few lines at ... and do subscribe to my twitter feed :) (granted, I don't have too many gigs where I have network access, but every now and then I might just "go live") ... or you could check out my fan page in facebook - of course, currently not too much is going on in there either. :D

[Screenshot of Metadata Listener user interface]
[Screenshot of Traktor's preferences]